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OnlineWineData was founded by a young, yet experienced team of specialists from the wine industry. For many years, each team member worked as a developer, marketer, winemaker and store owner. With this combination of expertise, we understand the perspective of every single participant in the market. Bundled with a solution that is based on a free-of-charge concept, we offer you full competence without entrepreneurial risk.

Become part of a free network with accurate and comprehensive data sets. You can use these free of charge for your individual purposes. Do as many others have done: Save valuable time and focus on your business and your customers!

Having your back with high quality data is our mission!


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Currently, many wine merchants are struggling to obtain all the necessary data for their wines. In addition to being short on time, the language barrier and media breaks are often problematic. This regularly results in incorrect wine data. Using our service, the supplier/producer maintains the data in his language and you receive it in yours. Very simple and in one place!


Our network grows daily and so does our wine database.


Our partners deposit their evaluations from
from a number of more than 100 possible competitions.


We offer our partners a simple platform in their own language.

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We don’t like standing still. That’s why we continually add new functionality to our product.

Anbindung per

Copy and paste was yesterday. So use our api to keep updated automatically.

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Nutze die Daten in Deinem Online-Shop. Erstelle Weinpässe für Deinen POS und vieles mehr. Die Möglichkeiten sind grenzenlos.

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